1. What is SITP?  

  • Salsa in the Park is an outdoor community dance event held every Monday night during the summer.

2. When is it?

  • Monday night, 6-9pm. Salsa lessons run from 6:630pm, and then again from 7:15-7:45. Performances happen at 7:45.
  • This year (2012) we are starting the first week of June, and hoping to go until September! (pending donations)

3. Where is it?

  • SITP is held at the Blackstone Community Center in the South End of Boston. See our Contact page for directions and more info.

4. How much does it cost? 

  • No cost, this event is FREE!
  • Feel free to put a few bucks into the Donation Jar when you get there, as we depend on our entire community to keep the event running through the summer.
5. Who can attend SITP? 
  • Everyone! This is a family friendly event intended to unite the community and include people of all abilities, ages, beliefs, and cultures.

6. Does it really happen rain or shine?

  • You bet! If its wet and rainy, we set up inside – in the Auditorium on the 2nd floor of the Blackstone Community Center.

7. Are there any bathrooms there?

  • Yes, Bathrooms are located on the 3rd floor of the Blackstone Community Center.

8. If its a community event, how can I help out?

  • You can help by making a donation, volunteering your time on a Monday night, or working with our outreach programs. Send an email to cmcbride@metamovements.net if interested!